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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is eligible to play for the Miracle League of Northwest Ohio?

Any special needs athlete age three and older can play.

Do I have to be a Wood County resident to join?

No. Residents from all counties are welcome to join.

Is there a video of a game so I can see how the games work?

Yes, you can watch the BCSN Recap story featured on our About page.

How do I register my athlete?

Visit our Join Us page to learn more. You can download and complete the registration form, and print and mail it to us as instructed.

Is equipment provided?

Yes. While you are welcome to bring your glove and bat, we will provide those items for anyone needing them.

How can I volunteer to become a buddy?

Visit our Volunteer section to learn more. You can complete the online registration form, print and mail it to us as instructed, or bring it to the first game when you want to volunteer. You may also complete the form the first time you come to the ball field.

Can I volunteer with a friend?

Sure, please spread the word. Groups are welcome.

When are the games held?

Games take place on Sundays between the hours of 1:00 pm and 5:00 pm. Get the current game schedule here.

Where are the games held?

We play games at the Miracle League field at Brentwood Park, 2200 Tracy Road, Northwood, Ohio.

Is there parking on site?

Yes. Ample free parking is available just steps from the complex.

Are there restrooms on site?

Absolutely. Our facility has accessible restrooms.

Is there an admission fee to the games?

No. Admission is always free.

Can I bring food and beverages to the games?

Yes, but please note that we prohibit glass containers on the complex.

Can I bring my dog to the games?

Not all athletes handle dog interactions very well. While we do not exclusively prohibit dogs at games, we require that dogs be supervised and leashed at all times.

How do I make a donation?

Please visit our Support page for information about making donations.

Who can I contact with additional questions?

You can contact us through the website or email us directly here.