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Miracle League of Northwest Ohio

Everyone Should Get To Play Ball

The Miracle League of Northwest Ohio allows children and adults to participate in America’s favorite pastime, baseball, regardless of individual abilities. Our youngest players begin at age four and can continue participating for as long as they like.

The League serves children and adults with physical or intellectual disabilities that might exclude them from traditional baseball leagues—whether intentionally or not.

The Miracle League is about more than playing a game. It’s also about making new friends, building self-esteem, and being treated equally as athletes. Each Miracle League player is paired with a volunteer “buddy” during games to ensure support on the field. The player-buddy relationship develops an indescribable bond.


Where We Play

We play games at our Miracle League Field in Brentwood Park in Northwood, Ohio.

The custom-designed field features a cushioned, rubberized surface that accommodates wheelchairs, walkers, and other assistive devices while helping to prevent injuries. We also have accessible dugouts, flat field turf that eliminates barriers for players who use wheelchairs or have limited vision, and a fully accessible concession area.

The City of Northwood graciously donated the land for Miracle League Field.

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let’s all play ball

let’s all play ball

let’s all play ball

let’s all play ball

let’s all play ball