Miracle League of NW Ohio


We provide opportunities for children and adults with disabilities to play Miracle League baseball, regardless of their abilities. We promote community support and sponsorship of Miracle Leagues. We promote the construction of special facilities that meet the unique needs of Miracle League Players, their families and friends. We cannot change or cure the medical issues life has dealt people with disabilities. What we can do is provide them with an opportunity to experience the joy and benefits that come from playing our national pastime-baseball.

Miracle League of Northwest Ohio

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Miracle League Field of NWO

Here's how you can get involved with the Miracle League of Northwest Ohio: Register as a player, volunteer as a buddy, or attend a fundraiser!

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A child at bat. all of the kids with Muddy & Mudonna

The Miracle League of Northwest Ohio is an organization whose mission is for all children to have a chance to play baseball.

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