Miracle League of NW Ohio



Check out a short video on The Miracle League of Northwest Ohio!

Miracle League Field of NWO

Here's how you can get involved with the Miracle League of Northwest Ohio: Register as a player, volunteer as a buddy, or attend a fundraiser! Check out our Calendar!

Upcoming Events include:

Email Jeff Barton at barton114@bex.net if you are interested playing or volunteering


On our website you can find the generous sponsors who have already donated to our cause, as well as find out how you can help, who we are, and what our plans are. You can even donate online by clicking the button below!

We hope to keep this site updated with news as it occurs.

A child at bat. all of the kids with Muddy & Mudonna

The Miracle League of Northwest Ohio is an organization whose mission is for all children to have a chance to play baseball.