Everyone should play ball

The Miracle League of Northwest Ohio provides opportunities for children and adults to take part in the national pastime, regardless of their abilities. We want to give our athletes the chances and opportunities that other kids have. Our youngest players start off at the age of 4, and they can continue to play for as long as they like.

To provide extra support on the field, each Miracle League player is paired up with a volunteer “buddy” during the games. The abilities of our players vary, but these buddies make the experience of playing baseball very enjoyable for everyone.

Where We Play

We play our games at the Miracle League Field, located in Brentwood Park in Northwood, Ohio.

Because conventional baseball diamonds aren’t always designed for wheelchairs and crutches, Miracle League Field meets the unique needs of our players. Our custom-designed field features a cushioned rubberized surface that helps prevent injuries. We have wheelchair-accessible dugouts, and our field’s completely flat turf surface eliminates barriers to our wheelchair-bound or visually impaired players.

The city of Northwood has graciously donated the land in Brentwood Park to the Miracle League of Northwest Ohio.