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MLNWO has been engaged in an important & necessary project over the past several years for the NW Ohio community. We wanted our ballpark to better meet the needs of our players and families, so we set out to design and build a building with concessions & restrooms right at the field.  It’s been a true labor of love bringing our community together through inception, design, and construction. And we are so close to providing a wonderful place for our players and their families to spend countless hours enjoying quality time together.

However, as we approach the 2021 spring season, FUNDING is still needed to purchase necessary materials to complete the building and for needed equipment. Would you like to be a part of this incredible opportunity to impact our community? It would be fantastic if you would CONTRIBUTE to the story.

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Our Project Story

In 2017, the Miracle League of Northwest Ohio (MLNWO) began development of a much needed and fully accessible building at the ballpark. Families and players would be well-served and their experience at the ballpark greatly enhanced by the addition of a facility providing a concessions area and handicapped accessible restrooms. It would also serve the organization by providing a place for fundraising events and storage.

The design provided for a full concessions area with a covered picnic area to allow players and families more opportunity to congregate and connect with others. Handicap accessible restrooms would provide ease of use, comfort & privacy to players and families. Electricity and running water would aid MLNWO in expanding their fundraising efforts. And equipment and other assets could now be securely stored on-site.

So, with this great idea, we reached out to our local community for assistance in bringing the idea for this building to fruition. And the response was fantastic!

Thanks To All!

Since its' inception, this project has been a community endeavor with numerous businesses contributing to the progress thus far.

  • Special thanks to the City of Northwood for their ongoing support.
  • Mike Pappas - a special needs parent, MLNWO board member, and former employee of SSOE - was deeply passionate about providing fun and exciting experiences for the special needs community. He approached SSOE with the concept of this project and SSOE offered to provide pro-bono design and engineering services for this important and needed endeavor.
  • Erin Curley, a SSOE employee at that time, became involved and championed the idea. In 2019, Erin formed her own architecture firm – Engage Studio Architects – and has led the design team providing invaluable pro-bono architectural and ongoing construction management services.
  • SSOE Group Team (engineering & interior design) for their pro-bono design services & collaboration through construction
  • Maumee Valley Habitat ReStore donated masonry block for the building.
  • Eight different union trades and their suppliers have donated labor and materials.
     IBEW Local 8 – Electricians     Gem Energy
     Local 3 – Bricklayers  Pepco
     Local 50 – Plumbers  Transtar Electric
     Local 33 – Sheet Metal Workers  Brint Electrical, Inc
     Local 45 – Insulators      American Mechanical
     Local 351 – Carpenters      Knauf Insulation
     Local 886 – Cement Masons  
     Local 7 – Painters  
  • The shell of the building was constructed and completed by A.A. Boos in April 2020.
  • Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, the project has significantly progressed in great part due to the volunteerism of the building trades and several donations by local companies such as:
    • The Ability Center
    • Tri-county Block & Brick
    • Henry Gurtzweiler Inc.
    • Hansen Marketing Services, Inc.
    • Hoover Wells

The facility is slated to be completed in time for the 2021 summer season. The players and families are excited for the season with new amenities.  We would not be as near to completion without all the crucial contributions in labor and materials from these benefactors.

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